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Privacy Policy

(1) Types of Information Gathered

Users are requested to provide their names, e-mail addresses, opinions, and inquiries pursuant to the prescribed website form when using the "Contact us" facility.
This website automatically gathers information about site visits, including Internet domain names, IP addresses, topics of on-site searches, and pages viewed.
This site does not use cookies (information sent from the server to the user's browser to be stored on the user's computer in order to identify users on the server side).

(2) Purpose of Use

Information gathered by this website is statistically analyzed to assist in the smooth operation and improvement of this website.
No personal information will be disclosed to a third party, unless a request for disclosure of information gathered by this website may be made in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations.

(3) Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies only to this website (
In outside websites created by related organizations to which this website links, another privacy policy prepared by each website supersedes this privacy policy.

(4) Miscellaneous

When the Privacy Policy is revised or updated, the revised or updated Privacy Policy will be posted on this website.