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The Integrated Database Project aims to add functions in order to support the drafting of a national strategy determined by the government, and to direct its execution with regard to the establishment of databases for fields in the life sciences. As well as reappraising existing efforts, the project supports a portal site on the Internet, and works to improve the ease of use and integration of Japan's life sciences databases. In this way, it promotes the wider utilization of these resources by the general public and others.

※ FY2005-FY2007
As part of the Coordination Program of Science and Technology Projects (commissioned by MEXT), the Research and Development of an Integrated Database for Fields in the Life Sciences project is being conducted.
In cooperation with this project, MEXT started the Integrated Database Project in 2006.
Previously started in FY2006 (and continuing after FY2007)
  • Survey of databases, evaluation, and drafting of a strategy
  • Development and maintenance of a portal site
  • Research and development on integrated technology
Starting on a full scale after FY2007 (and continuing until FY2010)
  • Promotion by establishing a central organization (public offering for open recruitment)
  • Development and maintenance of integrated databases
  • Combination of published literature and data annotations
  • Development of new databases and research into their utilization
  • Acceptance of useful existing databases that have been badly maintained
  • Training and education for database development

Overview of the Integrated Database Project